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Experience the Southern Sunrise

Immerse yourself in a part of Bali where life remains unchanged, where lone surfers tackle legendary waves and genuine Balinese hospitality is truly felt. Desa Pramana Swan is a collection of spacious private pool villas with the ambience and charm of a Balinese village. Located near the seaside village of Keramas, Desa Pramana Swan is a great getaway for families, friends and groups looking to relax, slow down and enjoy the best of Bali off the beaten track. We welcome you to our own little piece of paradise, away from the crowded tourist centres, in a beautiful location that remains traditional and endlessly alluring.


Our Villas

The Desa Pramana Swan experience is inspired by our surroundings, from the coastal majesty of the sparkling black sand beachfront, to the traditional village setting with 25 Private Pool Villas set amongse landscaped grounds, with pebbled pathways weaving between tropical corridors and charming Balinese scenery.

Natural Relax

Pramana Spa

Embrace the calming sights and sounds of the surrounding rice fields while enjoying our signature treatments using local herbal ingredients and traditional treatments from deeply relaxing massages to intensive detox programs.

Discover More

Swan Resto

The Swan Resto at Desa Pramana Swan is housed within an atmospheric wooden building inspired by traditional Balinese architecture and design. It is an open-sided structure that lends itself to incredible views of the sparkling sands and the crashing waves on this wild surf beach, with a vision of the neighboring “Penida Islands” on the horizon.

Offers & Packages

Our Offers & Package : Arjun & Subhadra Romantic Honeymoon Package & The Swan Escapes 2 Nights

Concierge & Services

The options for transportation in Bali are self-drive (car or motorbike) or a car with a driver.

Cultural Pastimes

Desa Pramana Swan is located in a peaceful Balinese village along the eastern coast of the island. As a result of this unique location, our guests are able to experience a sense of the ‘real’ Bali and the enjoy the ambience of local village life.

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